Kingaroy Heritage Museum acknowledges Harold Adlem for 36 years of service

The beginning of the Kingaroy Heritage Museum came into existence when a small group of like-minded locals realised that the rich history of Kingaroy and its district was passing by and needed to be preserved for future generations.

With this in mind, these aspiring historians joined forces and manifested the Kingaroy and District Historical Society. They began the search for the best location to showcase their cause. Very soon the society found the ideal place in the derelict Kingaroy Powerhouse located right in the centre of town. At the time, this iconic building was held in the custody of the Kingaroy Shire Council. In 1985, approval was obtained from Council to use the building for a museum.

A photographic record was kept of the project, with early scenes showing that the extensive restoration work required was not for the faint-hearted. However, these individuals were driven and strong-willed to fulfill their purpose and carry out their vision of the museum.

One of these society members has been a prominent figure throughout the Kingaroy Heritage Museum’s lifespan. A tall man with a dairy farmer physique, adorning an American style cap on his head, promoting ‘John Deere’ and usually clad in stubbie shorts. This man was our very own Harold Adlem.

It is now 2021, with some 36 years having passed. Harold is still very much an icon within the museum, having had such a huge part in bringing it into existence. Hardly a week goes by where he is not helping out where he can, with a wonderful store of knowledge of the region that we value so greatly.

Harold is held in such high esteem, along with the other founding people including the society members, their families and other supportive locals that played an integral part in bringing the highly acclaimed Kingaroy Heritage Museum to life. Visitors say it is one of the best heritage museums they have seen!

Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work and service to the Kingaroy Heritage Museum.

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