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Discover the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail… Queensland’s greatest Rail Trail

INTERESTING FACT: The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is a 148kms recreational trail, that winds it’s way up the Brisbane Valley taking in towns such as Yarraman, Blackbutt, Linville, Moore and Ipswich.

The trail follows the Brisbane Valley rail line which commenced construction near Ipswich in 1884 and was completed at Yarraman by 1913.

When travelling along the trail visitors can experience views of local farmland, picturesque rural settings and country towns. Being on the old railway line the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail provides an easy climb up the valley for day trippers, overnight campers or longer term travellers.

Immerse yourself in the history and nature of the trail, wander around the old Linville Station or perhaps spend a moment at the rather lonely place where two railway workers lost their lives building the line many years ago. This site would have once overlooked the clang and clatter of men building the line by hand in tough and remote conditions.

Another historical location to visit is the Tent School site at MacNamara’s Camp which once educated many children, while their fathers worked on building the line.

The Rail Trail is suitable for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, with a number of different sections making up the trail.

The trail is well signed, with a number of seats and sheltered picnic tables along the way and also toilet facilities.