attractions: Nanango

Ringsfield House & Museum, Nanango

    Ringsfield House is more than just a large Queenslander; it has a link to thousands of people in the South Burnett, and home to many stories as the sunshine state’s fourth oldest town.

    Ringsfield House began as a magnificent family home designed by the well-known Architect Robin Dods. From 1908 until 1942 when the family aged and moved away. When the house was first built it had open verandahs. The original owners, Mr and Mrs James William Davies Graham would attend to their children using a secret passageway through the cupboard in the main bedroom which lead to the nursery.

    From 1942 to 1970, it became a four-ward maternity hospital. Some 3,000 – 4,000 births were registered at Ringsfield House. Hundreds of those people still live in the local area.

    By 1973 the house was a Lifeline refuge for deserted wives and their children and continued in this capacity for a further 20 years, it then became derelict.

    In 1992 to 1996, the then Nanango Shire Council, restored Ringsfield House as a Museum and Historical Centre. From November 2017, Ringsfield House operated as a museum, a cafe, a tourist destination, a restaurant, and an events venue.

    It continues to draw people far and wide to experience the beauty, peace, and tranquillity that Nanango has to offer.


    41-45 Alfred Street, Nanango
    4615, QLD