Kingaroy Peanut Capital of Australia and home of Sir Joh and Lady Flo Bjelke Petersen!

The name comes from the Wakka Wakka aboriginal word Kingaroori which means ‘Red Ant’ and if you look closely, you will find this unique species of ant around the area.  The rich red volcanic soils are also memorable and have enabled this farming community to plant a range of crops successfully with the most well-known being peanuts and navy beans.  

In the heart of Kingaroy you find the twin towering peanut silos, a landmark in themselves, which are owned and operated by the Peanut Company of Australia (PCA).   This iconic symbol of our town has a long history with our farming community however these days, our farmers have diversified into many different crops, cattle and wine production.

Kingaroy’s thriving township has a relaxed and informal feel and you will find yourself welcomed with country hospitality. Explore the main business district offering a different shopping experience and the cafes and restaurants located throughout the area.

You can also indulge in a little history by visiting the Kingaroy Heritage Museum (located in the same complex as the Visitor Information Centre) which forms part of the Heritage Precinct.  You can explore the first building constructed in Kingaroy (Carroll’s Cottage), the beautiful Carrollee Hotel, the 1913 Council Chambers and the 1938 Council Chambers that sits behind the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery.  The Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery also hosts Shop 38 a local art and craft showcase and unique shopping experience. All these are within a short walk from the Visitor Information Centre.

Things to do 

  • Kingaroy Visitor Information Centre

  • 128 Haly St, Kingaroy
  • 07 4189 9172