Kingaroy Observatory (formerly Maidenwell Observatory)

    Kingaroy Observatory is a public stargazing attraction, located at the town’s airport just a short drive from the town’s Central Business District. Large, roadside tourist signs point the way.

    They have three, Meade 14 inch telescopes to show you the Moon, Stars and Planets up close!

    The observatory works on two observing parameters: Stars and Planets nights which allows you to view the Milky Way, Star clusters, Nebula and Galaxies. Moon and Planet nights are best for adults and school children who want view the Moon up close in the telescopes.

    During your night visit, the astronomer points out various constellations and stars using a registered Green Laser pointer, and gives an ongoing commentary of what you are about to see in the telescopes.

    During the day, you can sit in comfort in their 70 seat air-conditioned Star Theatre and see the sun projected onto a big screen. This is where you see the real surface of the Sun. It’s absolutely awesome!

    The observatory has no steps. Telescopes are accessible to wheelchairs.

    Plenty of parking along Geoff Raph Drive.

    The observatory is owned and operated by professional astronomer and photographer, James Barclay with over 60 years experience.


    Geoff Raph Drive, Taabinga
    4610, QLD

    Minmore Farmstay B&B

    583 Minmore Road

    Ph: (07) 4164 3196

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