attractions: Nanango

The Link Trail

    On Ya Bike! And Find Your Freedom on the Country Roads of Nanango.

    Whether you’re a cruisy Sunday rider, an E-biker or a serious strava cyclist, you’ll find a sense of freedom along the quiet, picturesque back roads of the Nanango area. You can take your time or make your best time on gravel roads that meander through eucalypt and pine forests filled with birds and wildlife. There are stories from the area’s pioneering and gold mining heritage, a creek and a waterfall (when it rains), sweeping valley views and some great coffee spots along the way.

    The Nanango Link Trail was built between Yarraman and Nanango along an old stock route once used by local pastoralists to herd cattle to the Yarraman railhead. It joins the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail with the South Burnett Rail Trail to create a total distance of 305km.

    To add a little extra to your experience, you can also try The Greenwood Creek Circuit Ride and the East Nanango Circuit Ride.

    Not many would attempt all these trails in one day! So take your time, make a healthy, outdoorsy weekend of it and enjoy some country hospitality along the way.

    Please note that you will need a mountain bike, hybrid or gravel bike for these trails.


    Pioneer Park, Nanango
    4615, QLD