attractions: Dundas

Northbrook Mountain Bush Camp

    A challenging but rewarding hike from Lawton Road leads to the beautiful Northbrook Mountain Bush Camp. The walk-in only campsite overlooks Kipper Creek and subtropical rainforest, is only 10-15-minute walk from the Northbrook Mountain summit and is a great place for a weekend adventure or overnight escape. Between winter and spring, the area sees many wildflowers in bloom, plus active wildlife roaming through the bush.

    As a walk-in only bush camp, you must carry everything you need with you during the five kilometre trek from Lawton Road to the clearing near the summit of the mountain. With no facilities at the camp site, it is essential that you bring your own water, first-aid kit, rubbish bags, insect repellent, a fuel or gas stove, tent, sturdy shoes and appropriate clothing for the hike and weather.

    Find out more via the Queensland National Parks website here.


    Northbrook Mountain Bush Camp, Dundas
    4306, QLD